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Since the internet started playing a substantial role in the economic activity of the world, the knowledge of its dynamics, usage and architecture provide a significant advantage for the business and the scientific community.

finger-769300_1920-2At the same time, as the internet is becoming an essential component in shaping our societies of the 21st century, the citizens should be able to have a transparent knowledge about the internet and its stakeholders such as ISPs, content providers, legislators etc.

At the intersection of the technical and ethical aspects, we find the principle called the neutrality of Net. Network neutrality is a fundamental principle of the internet which aims to eliminate all discrimination related to the source, destination and content of the information traversing the network.

Similarly for the government of a country there are significant strategic, technical and socioeconomic interests to be equipped with an internet observatory. Such an example of an observatory is the CAIDA initiative in the USA.

With the project Metrosope, our initial scope is to have a countrywide observatory in France and gradually extend towards a European and eventually collaborate with other international internet measurement paltforms.

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Goals and Objectives

The project aims to publish large scale nationwide reliable tools and datasets for internet measurements as required by the scientific community. Simultaneously simplified versions of the technical and humanities results obtained by scientists will be made available to public way to better understand the internet and how is it used by the population.

Thnetwork-500084_1280e tools and datasets consist of probes for active and passive measurements both in the form of hardware and software. These probes are placed at the client side and also at the network core with a goal to enable specific measurement campaigns and measurements over long term.We distinguish between three levels of observation, depending on the objective of the particular study:

Raw Measurements: It involves repeatable technical measurements having precise characteristics and metrics

Indicators: It concerns processing and aggregating the raw measurements to indicate higher level trends

Analysis: It implicates interpreting the raw measurements or indicators which can further be enriched with other sources of data and contextual information.

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